Life in Hirosaki

A former blogophobe, I've started this blog to share my experiences here in the beautiful city of Hirosaki, Japan.
Summer stripes #nailart #nailsdid #tiger #stripes #orange# neon #purple #instacollage

Summer stripes #nailart #nailsdid #tiger #stripes #orange# neon #purple #instacollage

Got daisies on my feet too! #nailart  #daisies #spring

Got daisies on my feet too! #nailart #daisies #spring

Flower power! #daisies #love #nailart

Flower power! #daisies #love #nailart

Happy Valentine’s Day!! #nailart #valentine #love #hearts #roses #instacollage

Happy Valentine’s Day!! #nailart #valentine #love #hearts #roses #instacollage

From Sunshine to Snow

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Although I had a great time on my travels and the weather was lovely, I was still happy to come back to my home in Hirosaki!

Here’s a list of places we stayed (click on the names for links):

Gran Cyber Cafe B@gus - OK, so we only slept here for a few hours but I’d recommend a manga cafe for anyone who’s tired in Tokyo and doesn’t want to walk around the ever-tempting shops and restaurants. There are many cafes like this one in cities across Japan.

Kansai Airport Washington Hotel - The most convenient option. Free shuttle to Osaka Kansai Airport, which is on a small island!

Golden Island Guesthouse - After the initial shock of the combined toilet and shower (!), we were able to sleep comfortably and the wi-fi there was the most reliable out of all the places we stayed. We stayed in one of their sister hostels, which are smaller than what you see online (there are just pics of GIG) so we were a little surprised by that too. If you can handle small, budget accommodation and literally want somewhere to sleep - go for it. I found it surprisingly clean and well-maintained, given how little space they have to work with. My overall thoughts of Hong Kong were that it’s a really crazy city, really built up and at times reminded me of parts of London, mostly the West End. Amidst double-decker buses and hustle and bustle I felt like it all made sense. I have unfinished business with HK though, as we weren’t able to see the view from Victoria Peak but I would rather go to a new place next time but if I can that’s the first thing I’m gonna do!

Summer Breeze Inn - Really enjoyed staying here and appreciated all the help we got from Manit. I feel like I’ll be back, since I want to go back to Phi Phi Island again. The touristy side of Phuket (West side) is fun and all but I think that since it’s aimed at everyone it can get a bit much sometimes. Phuket City and the Pier area (East side) is only a taxi ride away so it was nicer to be able to escape the craziness of Patong and be able to sit and have chilled conversations with other travellers. I’d say that Phi Phi is more for people in their 20s-30s although there were also families and older people but it definitely felt like a getaway rather than a vice city (which is the vibe I got from Patong and Bangkok).

JJ Residence Phi Phi - Lovely! Did I mention that I love Phi Phi? Can’t wait to come back here. That’s all.

Phuket Airport Hotel - Fine accommodation, really close to the airport. There are loads of angry, stray dogs along the residential road leading to the hotel which are kinda scary and the constant arrivals and departures (to/from Bangkok) probably doesn’t do much to cheer them up…

Lub D (we stayed in Silom) - Hands down, my favourite place. The staff are helpful and friendly and there are lots of nice touches that make this place feel like home straight away. I won’t bore you by trying to list them all. It’s a hostel that’s suitable and well-run for backpackers, travellers on a budget or those just wanting to stay somewhere different. 

And there you have it! Til next time xx

Bangkok Nights #3

Top to bottom, l-r: Lub D hostel (“You’ve gotta Lub D!”), The shot before that massage…,a local street market at night, saying our goodbyes at the hostel, MBK Mall 

Amphawa Market

River boat tour.

Amphawa Market

Situated an hour’s drive from Bangkok and popular with locals, this street market has everything. What most people come here for though, is the food. We spent all day trying all different kinds of food, fruit and sweets.  The bumpy journey back (we all felt a little sick afterwards!) was challenging but I’m so glad we got to try all those things.  We also went down the floating market. It’s usually best to go early as it’s closed by 1pm, except during the new year holidays when it’s open until late.  It’s well worth a visit and is a great place to people-watch too! Tourists often combine a trip here with a trip to the more touristy Damnoen Saduak nearby. Most of the famous photos of Bangkok’s floating markets have been taken there. At Amphawa it was nice not having to haggle (everything had fixed prices) and the atmosphere was really chilled-out, despite the crowds. It’s a feast for the senses.

Nights in Bangkok: Khao San Road pt2

It was fun and kinda surreal walking down the infamous Khao San road at 2am completely sober. We went for a foot massage in a place that had outdoor chairs so we just sat and watched all the party animals go by. 

Coming up tomorow: Amphawa Floating Market

Nights in Bangkok: Khao San Road